R/stimulator. This was referred to as the "Phase 2 trial." Fifty-eight subjects received Nucleus Freedom-based 10 mm devices under the Phase 2 multicenter study protocol.??The preliminary report of the multicenter clinical trial included 68 of the present cohort 12. The subjects ranged in age from 19.6 years to 82.3 years, with a mean age of 58.9 years (SD =14.8 years; median = 59.8 years). Thirty
G to be functional and for the subject to be able to take advantage of the acoustic plus electric processing, it must be preserved better than 85?0 dB HL pure tone average (PTA) of 125?000 Hz. Furthermore, hearing loss was also classified by degree using the following definitions: ??????Mild: 26 to 40 dB HL, Moderate: 41 to 55 dB HL, Moderately severe: 56 to 70 dB HL, Severe: 71 to 90 dB HL, Profo
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Ere was significant improvement in speech understanding. Furthermore, all subjects reported positive improvements in hearing in three of the 4 subscales of the APHAB. Conclusion--The concept of hybrid speech processing has significant advantages for subjects with residual low-frequency hearing. In this study, the Nucleus?HybridTM S8 provided improvedCorresponding author: Bruce J Gantz, MD, Profess
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Electrode was designed to be minimally invasive and only enter the descending basal turn of the scala tympani between 190 and 200 degrees. This short intracochlear electrode had a reduced diameter of 0.2 X 0.4 mm as compared to standard-length cochlear implants. Six electrodes (channels) are located in the distal 5 mm of the electrode. The device was placed through a 0.5?.6 mm cochleostomy located
For changes in acoustic hearing). Two subjects preferred to use their natural low-frequency hearing in both ears, rather than hearing aids, with the implant (both had mild to moderate hearing thresholds up to 750 Hz in both ears) and were tested in this listening mode. These two subjects were still considered to be using combined electric and bilateral acoustic hearing. Two subjects (one with prof
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