F a subject had a preoperative threshold at 500 Hz of 25 dB HL and then lost 30 dB HL of hearing at initial activation, that person still had useable hearing at 500 Hz (55 dB HL threshold). Contrast this to a person with a preoperative threshold of 60 dB HL at 500 Hz and then lost 35 dB HL of hearing at initial activation. This person no longer had functional hearing at 500 Hz (95 dB HL threshold)
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Y are diverse and have evolved many times independently. The very widespread occurrence of chaetothyrialean fungi-ant-plant symbioses suggests they may have a common evolutionary antecedent, such as looser associations of these fungi with non-symbiotic ants. The results presented in this study reveal consistency in patterns of species association. Further comparative analysis of agricultural proce
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