Din kompletta resguide till Marbella - allt du behöver veta
Best of Marbella - All you need to know for your trip to Marbella
0 mm electrodes incorporating 6 stimulating contacts. In 2002, the feasibility study was expanded to a multicenter trial involving 9 investigational sites, in order to determine if the initial results from the University of Iowa could be more widely duplicated. This stage was referred to as the "Phase 1 trial." Twenty-five subjects received Nucleus 24-based devices with 10 mm electrodes during thi
S, etiology of the hearing loss was unknown (41/87 or 47.1 ), with many describing a family history of hearing loss (22/87 or 25.3 ). Etiologies of hearing loss in the remaining subjects included: history of noise exposure (15/87 or 17.2 ), autoimmune inner ear disease (2/87 or 2.3 ), measles (2/87 or 2.3 ), ototoxicity, neuritis, large vestibular aqueduct syndrome, Usher's Syndrome and endolympha
Ognition test was used to assess speech perception in quiet, unilaterally and bilaterally. The CNC test consists of 10 lists with 50 monosyllabic words in each list. Two lists are administered for a total of 100 words per test condition. Subject responses were scored for the number of words correct, expressed as a percentage. BKB-SIN Test--The BKB-SIN test consisted of 36 lists of sentences with t
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