6% more dry pulp, 21.1% more water, and 13.5% more sugars per dry matter than lower-crown fruits of the same tree; (3) midripe fruits contained 80% of the concentrations #links# of sugars of ripe fruits, making them a sweeter food item than one would expect from the intermediate color of their epidermis; (4) cellulose, hemicellulose, proteins, and ash proportionally decreased in concentration whil
001) and LVEDD and LVESD were significantly increased (P = 0.008 and 0.0001, respectively). Mitral E wave velocity and E/A ratio significantly decreased in the control group (P = 0.02), but remained similar in the carvedilol group. Our study showed that metoprolol or enalapril did not reduce cardiotoxicity, as reported elsewhere. These differences may be due to different study designs, different t
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1st basal turn of the scala tympani tends to push the electrode toward the fragile basilar membrane as the electrode is advanced. This device had 6 separate electrode channels and was implanted into 3 subjects in 1999 as part of a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) feasibility trial. The most important finding of the feasibility trial was that residual acoustic hearing and residual word perception
Quiet (CNC words) and in noise (BKB-SIN) was collected pre- and postoperatively at 3, 6, and 12 months. Subjective questionnaire data using the APHAB was also collected. Results--Some level of hearing preservation was accomplished in 98 subjects with 90 maintaining a functional low-frequency pure-tone average (LFPTA) at initial activation. By 12 months, 5 subjects had total hearing loss and 80
In Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology, there are two main human archetypes of the unconscious head. The anima and animus are explained by Jung as factors of the collective unconscious. Anima is the archetype of a female interior personality in a guy. Furthermore, animus is a masculine equal expressed by a female.

The anima is one particular of the most significa
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For standard cochlear implants because implantation of the device destroys most useful remaining hearing. Generally, if someone has pre-implant residual hearing, it is usually in the low-frequency (LF) apical region of the cochlea. Hearing in this region enables the listener to use fine-timing and spectral cues which aide the listener in hearing complex auditory tasks such as understanding speech
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